Danny Mc Enery

A proficient and master qualified Cognitive Behavioural Practitioner, Danny specialises in helping clients overcome anxiety and low mood to find purpose in life. Danny supports clients in overcoming their challenges through online consultations, working closely with clients, parents and GP’s.

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A proficient and master qualified Cognitive Behavioural Practitioner, Danny specialises in helping adolescents overcome anxiety. Working closely with parents and GP’s, Danny supports teenagers to overcome their challenges through online consultations.

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“CBT with Danny helped turn my 15 year old daughters world around. Anxiety used to make her feel stuck and scared, even about day-to-day stuff. She explained to me that Danny helped her to see how it was her thoughts creating her anxiety – not the situations she was facing. She has learned how to catch those worried thoughts and change them.  Deep breaths and positive thoughts are now her secret weapon!


Danny is trained in Cognitive Behavioural therapeutic interventions for low mood and anxiety. Danny specialises in helping teenagers overcome anxiety, achieve goals, and find purpose in life.

Danny loves spending time with friends and family, training with his local triathlon-club, playing chess, and reading philosophy. His love of philosophical questioning makes him an excellent problem solver. He helps clients overcome their challenges through Cognitive-Behavioural techniques, supporting them to live a fuller life and achieve their day-to-day goals.

Danny’s clients are usually teenagers or adults who are feeling low or anxious in their day-to-day lives, or about particular situations.

Danny supports his clients by helping them to differentiate thoughts from emotions. This process helps clients identify unhelpful thinking patterns in their day-to-day interactions through the CBT process.  As a result, Danny’s clients overcome their low mood or anxiety, achieve their potential and live fuller lives.

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Some of our Team

An Occupational Therapist and Phd researcher, Joy has worked in paediatric disability settings, as well as community crisis intervention and inpatient mental health teams.

As a Counsellor and Psychotherapist, with a master’s degree in CBT, Melissa specialises in offering tailored mental health services to meet each client’s unique needs;  fostering a comprehensive and personalised therapeutic experience.

Managing Director of PrimaHealth, with a master’s degree in Applied Psychology from UCC, Danny is one of the team which liaises with parents to offer them empathetic support and guidance; finding the right mental health professional for their child’s particular needs.

Kelly Ann employs evidence-based techniques like CBT and mindfulness in her counselling to address adolescent issues such as anxiety and stress, emphasising strong therapeutic relationships and collaboration with parents for growth and emotional well-being.

Passionate about providing empathetic support, Breda, a psychotherapist with extensive experience, offers evidence-based techniques like CBT, DBT, REBT, and Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy to help navigate her clients through stress, anxiety and other mental health challenges they may face.

With over twenty years of therapeutic experience with young people and families, Rosaleen specialises in adolescent psychotherapy, holding qualifications including a BA in Applied Social Studies, a Certificate in Addiction Studies and a Diploma in Integrative Counselling & Psychotherapy, and is currently pursuing a Masters in Adolescent Psychotherapy.

Having had years of experience working in Child and Adolescent community mental health teams and inpatient settings as an Occupational Therapist, Fidelma has developed a clinical expertise in using therapeutic approaches to support young adults manage and overcome their difficulties. 

Marianne, an Occupational Therapist, specialises in pediatric and adolescent mental health, providing compassionate therapy focused on fostering self-compassion and safeness. She brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise, enhanced by her continuous pursuit of alternative therapy courses and passion for wellness.